The Saga Of Silky Rose And The Buds














It was just another busy Saturday morning at the shelter, when a young couple came through the front door with an extremely pregnant dog. She was found the night before, on the side of the road up on the Rim, and it wasn’t long before she went into labor.

To say the least, our little, worn-out facility is barley suitable for holding already born dogs, but to be a female in labor or to be a tiny newborn baby, our main dog house is an awful place to be. It’s cold, damp and extremely loud.

The staff did all they could to assure her comfort, and the safety of her newborns, but it was pretty obvious that a more suitable place was needed for this girl to have her babies. We went into action and got them moved to a comfy nest in a warm and dry garage.

Well that was just under three weeks ago, and the beautiful dog with the shiny black coat has since been named Silky Rose. Her 10 precious pups are known as “The Rose Buds.”

The “Buds” just opened their eyes last Saturday and have learned to walk, and just yesterday they began playfully growling and barking at their caregiver when she comes to walk and feed Silky. They too have very shiny coats — five are black like their Momma, four are chocolate and white, and the last is pure milk chocolate. There are six boys and four girls.

Although there is nothing in the world sweeter than watching puppies grow, there are several sad sides to this story. The first is that someone neglected to have their female spayed, and allowed her to have puppies. This was obviously not her first litter. Now there are 10 more puppies who will be at our shelter looking for a loving, forever home.

The next is obvious — she was sitting alone at night on the side of a highway about to give birth — and seemingly no one cared.

But let’s get back to the happy side of this story. A caring, young couple driving down the highway at night stopped and picked her up and brought her to us. Now she and the “Buds” have us and this wonderful, caring community to help them along their way to being healthy, happy, spayed and neutered good K-9 citizens.

We’ll keep you posted on their progress and let you know when it’s time to come and pick your very special “Rose Bud.”

If you’d like more information on these or any of our wonderful animals, give us a call at (928) 474-5590, come by 812 S. McLane Road, or see us on the web at


Abby is a 10-month-old German shepherd mix. She was adopted once and returned because she was left to be an outside dog and wasn’t happy with that. She was then put in foster for a potential adoption. However, that didn’t work out well either. Abby likes to dig. This is her only downfall. She is housebroken and leash trained and obeys commands very well. We do offer a free training class with an adoption, and that could help with the digging. She has so many positive qualities, we hope someone will overlook her digging and be willing to take her and work with her, and let her be part of their loving family. She truly is a wonderful gal.


Constance is a 1-year-old Border Collie mix. She was brought in as a stray and never reclaimed. She is quite docile and somewhat shy. However, she is eager to accept any kind of attention or affection from you. She is very well mannered and, as far as we can tell, potty trained. She does have a lot of energy and will do best in an active environment, where she can run and play and get plenty of exercise.


Dotty is a 1-year-old Bluetick hound. She was originally brought in as a humanitarian hold because her owner was arrested. After a few weeks and no positive word that her owner would be released anytime soon, we decided to place her for adoption. She gets along great with other dogs and is mostly potty trained, but could use some work with leash training. Keep in mind that this gal is a hound, so as soon as she catches a scent and her nose hits the ground, she’ll be off to find whatever it is. A secure yard and fence will be required for her adoption.


Blair is a 1-year-old domestic shorthaired, neutered male. He has passed all of his health tests and is current on all shots. This handsome guy is very expressive and talkative. He likes to let you know his opinions with one of his many different meows. He is litter box trained and gets along great with other cats. He is very affectionate and outgoing and will make someone very happy.


Jazz is a 5-year-old, spayed female. She is a beautiful tabby with some orange markings throughout her coat. She was turned over by her owner who had to move and couldn’t take her along. She is easy going and very neat and clean. She enjoys basking in the sun and lying in your lap for some love and affection. She may do best as the only animal in the household, and would graciously show you her appreciation for letting her be the only one.


Steven is a 10-month-old Lab/Heeler mix. He was brought in as a stray and never reclaimed. He is full of life and energy and would do best in an active home. He gets along with other dogs and really loves to play. He does need some work with walking on a leash, but we believe he will learn quickly. He is an intelligent guy who is willing and eager to please and ready to come home with you today.


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