Great Customer Service



Last Saturday, I had the very unpleasant pain of depressing my brake pedal and discovering the brakes didn’t work.

Fortunately, I was very close to Fletcher’s Tire on Highway 87, so I pulled in and asked them to check the brakes. While I waited for their diagnosis, an elderly lady walked in with a rear view mirror in her hand. The clerk called for a repair kit, had the problem fixed, and told the lady, “the next time she was in, have them add $3 to her bill.”

Meanwhile, I moved over to the bay where the mechanic was removing my tires and brake drums to examine the problem. He observed that the brakes were fine so it must be a problem with the master cylinder. Since I had only 12,000 miles on the truck, he and the clerk recommended that I visit the dealer as it should be under warranty. The clerk told me “no charge.” I said I was willing to pay for the labor. He said, “next time you have a problem, you will know where to come to get it fixed.”

Next stop, Chapman Dodge. I told them the story, they checked in the truck and offered me a ride home. Parts were ordered from Los Angeles, repairs made and the problem was solved. No charge as it was under warranty. They even washed the truck!

Now that’s what I call customer service! Thank you Fletcher’s Tire and Chapman Dodge.

John G. Wakelin


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