Mayor Has Payson Going In Right Direction



Congratulations to Mayor Kenny Evans for his professional and speedy diplomacy (Payson Roundup, March 24) acquiring 20 percent of the water infrastructure money allotted to the entire state of Arizona from the Federal Stimulus Plan. The mayor made 22 trips to Phoenix in approximately one month; that’s almost one trip per day.

Mayor Evans made these trips, on his own, to speak to the governor and to the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona’s (WIFA). He took his laptop with him so he could immediately update and instruct the Payson town staff. Because of his many political connections, knowledge and expertise, Payson received $10.6 million for the Blue Ridge pipeline (CC Cragin), bringing that water supply sooner to Payson.

This is a great coup! The cities in the Valley have paid teams of lobbyists and grant writers working to get more of the stimulus package for themselves. Thanks to our mayor, rural Arizona finally came in first!

Mayor Evans shared his knowledge with the Tonto Apache Tribe; thus they were able to acquire another $1.8 million to complete a sewage treatment plant and create a new lake and park at the event center. County Supervisor Tommie Martin and water consultant Harry Jones were on the ball as well, moving bills for small, rural water companies to the forefront of the stimulus package. Thank goodness Payson has Mayor Kenny Evans, Supervisor Martin and others who truly have the welfare of Payson as their priority. We need to hear more about the innovative ideas and actions of Mayor Evans, rather than this steady diet of self-promotion and misrepresentations from the former mayor.

We finally have a mayor that has Payson going in the right direction. It is imperative we stay on this course.

Judy Buettner


Pat Randall 7 years, 9 months ago

Judy, I have listened to Mayor Edwards and Evans both and of the two, Evans is the one that has done the self-promotion and misrepresentations. Not accomplished any thing yet.


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