Fuelbreak Cutting Starts April 13


Good news was announced last Friday, April 3 to the members of the Christopher Creek Fuelbreak Committee.

An e-mail from Ed Armenta of the Payson Ranger District stated that the fuelbreak around the Christopher Creek community would begin cutting by April 13. Approximately 35 personnel will be assigned to perform the cutting operation and it is estimated it will take about three weeks.

The Christopher Creek Fuelbreak Committee has been working very hard for the past three months to get the fuelbreak process moving forward. In January, letters were sent to all Arizona congressional members, the governor, and to United States and Tonto National Forest officials. The group heard back from Congressman Harry Mitchell and Congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords and Anne Kirkpatrick and Senator Kyl’s office, but no others.

This dedicated group included Ron Platner and Karl Mann of Hunter Creek; Sam Seay, Caren Christensen and Gary Anderson of Christopher Creek; Joy Nutter and Ted Simpson of C-Canyon; and Lou Zuccaro of the Brooks.

The fuelbreak will be a park-like area cleared of smaller undergrowth and trees. All trees smaller than a certain diameter at chest height, e.g., 9 to12 inches, will be cut down. The exception is that a tree will be left standing every 25 feet, regardless of size. There are other exceptions regarding certain species of trees.

The fuelbreak will be 330 feet wide around Christopher Creek. Most of the fuelbreak will be funded by the USFS, but a portion of it is funded by the $85,000 the community raised in the first half of 2007.

We are all thankful, to both the fuelbreak committee and to the USFS officials for the fuelbreak, which will make us just a little bit safer as we approach another fire season.

Remember thinning within our community still remains the property owner’s responsibility. Be safe and clean your property.


My friend Bob (Sparky) Conklin will be adding another candle to his cake April 12. Cindy Fitch, owner of Creekside Steakhouse, will be celebrating on April 14. Dr. Jeff Ronn will be another year older on April 15, although I know he is not old, because we are about the same age. Bob Eggars of Kohl’s Ranch will be adding another candle on April 16. Willene Byrne will be celebrating April 17 and Sam Seay of Christopher Creek and Art Guevara will be adding another candle to their cakes April 20.

Easter Saturday is the annual Christopher Creek Easter egg hunt at the top of Uphill Drive by the forest gate at 1 p.m. for ages 1 through 12. Be there about 15 minutes early.

Easter Sunday, Creekside Steakhouse will have a special menu for all to enjoy, along with the regular menu. The special menu will have your choice of turkey with all the trimmings, lamb, ham or poached salmon. All specials come with a piece of bunny cake for dessert. For reservations you can call (928) 478-4389.

Kohl’s Ranch is offering an Easter buffet from 1 to 5 p.m. with their last seating at 4:30. Some of the items on the buffet include prime rib, baked ham, a very nice seafood selection and plenty of wonderful desserts. For reservations, you can call (928) 478-4211.

Don’t forget the important fire board meeting on Monday, April 13, especially if you are concerned about the budget and which way you want your fire department to go. Attend this meeting and voice your opinions, and remember the fire chief and the fireboard work for you.

May the Lord’s blessing be upon all of you this Easter and always.


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