A Sincere Thank You To The Pro Rodeo Committee



I remember arriving in Payson 17 years ago — and how thrilled I was to be living in such a great community. I still am thrilled. Payson is a wonderful community with great weather, great friendly people, and offers the best in small-town living.

One of the first things I noticed was that the town seemed to have an enormous number of gracious, hard-working volunteers. Multiple hundreds of volunteers — all selfishly working for a common good. This, of course, brings me to the Pro Rodeo Committee. I remember when the Town chose to purposely burn down the old rodeo grandstand, saying it was a fire hazard.

Then here come the volunteers! Hundreds volunteered their time, energy, and considerable resources to build a new rodeo arena.

Many businesses supplied dirt moving (and other) equipment and tons of material (at their own expense). And so it happened — with a promise from the Town of Payson to provide a cover for the scolding hot metal seats — especially in August. That was maybe 14 years ago.

Now I see that the Pro Rodeo Committee, after many generations of providing the town with hundreds of volunteers, is being replaced by the Payson Rodeo Preservation Alliance — at least for the August Doin’s. I sure hope the Payson Rodeo Preservation Alliance will have the same dedication and work ethics of the Pro Rodeo Committee.

I would like to sincerely thank the Pro Rodeo Committee for their generous work over these many years and wish the new Alliance the best of luck.

Remember, the rodeo may have lost money as an event over the last few years, but think of the tens of thousands of dollars it has brought to the merchants of Payson, year after year — and to the tax coffers of the Town!

Steve Bingham


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