Three Million Pets Euthanized



Did you know that more than 3 million cats and dogs in the United States were euthanized in 2008?

With the recent economic crisis, the numbers are growing even faster. It is more important than ever to contribute so that we can save these beautiful animals.

These animals, accustomed to familiar people and a comfortable home, are terrified as they sit trembling at the backs of tiny kennels. You have only to walk the aisles of Payson Humane Society or any other animal shelter to see the fear in their eyes.

Many of these animals are older and sit for days while potential adopters pass them by due to their age.

At Payson Humane Society all animals, young and old, have a chance. Maybe to some, these animals are “unwanted,” but not to the staff, volunteers and board of directors of Payson Humane Society.

That is why we at Payson Humane Society “rock on” with our fund-raising events, grants requests, community donations, continual public communication that sends the message of our core values and mission statement.

Because of our sincere commitment to care for abandoned and homeless animals until they can be placed in a loving home, Payson Humane Society continues to attract potential adopters along with breed rescues from all over the United States. Working in partnership with Catahoula rescue, we recently sent our second rescue dog to British Columbia.

Throughout the United States, animals are being euthanized not because they are unlovable and bad, but because there simply are not enough homes for them. Help is needed to promote the benefits of spaying and neutering of animals. Get involved in your town’s animal shelter. Some shelters have educational programs that are perfect for classrooms. Animal care education needs to start at grade-school level. If your town or community does not have an educational program, I’m more than willing to come to your school, your homeowners association meeting or club meeting to promote animal care education.

The important message to pass along no matter where you live, is we must not close our eyes to the overpopulation of animals. Spay and neuter to reduce the overpopulation!

Thanks to all of you for caring and supporting Payson Humane Society.

Ellie Watson

Director, Payson Humane Society


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