Residents To Hold ‘Tea Party’ Protest Wednesday


Is a revolution steeping?

Modern-day tea parties will occur around the nation on Wednesday. April 15 in response to the government’s exuberant fits of spending that critics say will only drive the nation further into debt.

Payson’s tea party will begin at 10 a.m. at the Gila County Courthouse parking lot on Beeline Highway.

It ends at 6 p.m.

“We’re losing our rights,” said local organizer June Dudley. “I’m mad.” She declined to speak at length, saying she might get herself in trouble.

The event is billed as peaceable assembling to “encourage the end of the ongoing borrow, spend and tax revolving door that is pushing the nation deeper into the economic doldrums.”

The Arizona Tea Party Web site says the event is non-partisan, although it calls Obama’s agenda “socialistic.”

“I’m most upset about that they passed the stimulus bill that nobody even read,” said Payson resident and ex-police chief James Hinton.

“They’re spending my money and my grandchildren’s money and my great-grandchildren’s money and they’ve done that in less than three months.”

Tea partiers today say taxes will undoubtedly increase due to the government’s excessive spending.

Hinton emphasized that he’s not a radical, just mad as he says all taxpayers should be.

Some people are sending tea bags to the White House or their congressional representatives to symbolize the furor of the Boston Tea Party in 1773, where 116 people threw 45 tons of tea worth today’s equivalent of $1 million into the harbor to protest British taxation.


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