Teeth Put Into Payson’S Animal Control Ordinance


Payson’s animal control ordinance was recently changed to “put some teeth in the enforcement section and clarify some areas that have been easily misunderstood.”

According to the ordinance, a dog will now be considered at-large if it is outside a yard or not on a leash.

“Your dog must be on a leash and not just under voice control as many have thought sufficient in the past,” a press release from the Payson Police Department states.

A dog can also no longer defecate or soil on the grounds of any public street, highway, public place or private property unless the person immediately removes and disposes of all feces deposited.

Furthermore, even though a person may not own the animal, they could legally be considered the owner if the person keeps an animal — other than livestock — for more than six consecutive days. To keep an animal means to have an animal in one’s possession or control on one’s premises.

“Read the complete ordinance on the town Web site if you have a pet or even think you may care for a friend’s pet while they are away,” the press release said.

The minimum fine for a first offense is $50.

The ordinance can be found at www.ci.payson.az.us under “town code.”


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