Abolish Sport Hunting For Turkeys



Proving once again that it seeks to promote hunting at the expense of our children’s safety, the Arizona Game and Fish Department allows children as young as 10 years old to hunt turkeys in an effort to introduce youngsters to violence of hunting.

Knowing very well that turkey hunting is among the most dangerous forms of recreational hunting, the Game and Fish Department is willing to endanger children in order to turn them into lifelong hunters.

Every year turkey hunters mistake each other for turkeys and shoot at each other, often resulting in tragedy, but Game and Fish is willing to take this chance with children because its existence depends upon the sale of hunting licenses, weapons, ammunition and hunting equipment.

The typical excuses that hunters use to justify their sport do not apply to turkey hunting. Turkeys are not overpopulated, they are not destroying habit, they are not succumbing to disease or starvation, and they are not impacting the survival of other species. The majestic animals — so respected by the great revolutionary Benjamin Franklin that he proposed making them the national bird — are slaughtered for recreation.

Parents who wish to introduce their children to the outdoors can do so through non-violent forms of recreation such as camping, hiking, wildlife watching and outdoor photography. These pursuits can show children and adults alike the wonders of nature without endangering their lives or inflicting pain and suffering upon harmless animals.

On behalf of our members and supporters throughout Arizona, we urge you to take a kid outdoors. Sleep in a tent, hike, and commune peacefully with nature because such things teach children what they cannot learn from books. To learn how to appreciate the outdoors without killing helpless wildlife, visit www.AbolishSportHunting.com.

Joe Miele, president

The Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting

Las Cruces, N.M.


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