An Assignment For Sixth-Graders



OK. Here’s the assignment, sixth-graders. Write a biography about a historical figure who has changed the world.

True story. Michael wanted to write about Jesus Christ, but the teacher said no because the only resource material would be from the Bible and she would not allow that. So Michael told his dad and said he really wanted to write about Jesus because he felt that no one had changed the world like He did.

His dad contacted the teacher and asked if it was OK if Michael wrote the biography on Jesus if books from the library were used rather than the Bible. She agreed to that, apparently thinking there were no historical books about Jesus. She was wrong, but then, she’s also wrong if she doesn’t believe Jesus or the Bible fit into the definition of history.

Upon discovering that Michael had checked two books out of the library on the historical life of Jesus, she again told him he would not be able to do the paper.

Michael’s dad contacted the school principal but was told his son could not do the paper on Jesus because it was religion not history. I can’t help but wonder if the paper would have been rejected if it had been on Mohammed or Buddha.

Do you wonder about your children or grandchildren not learning the same facts of history you did? Religious issues aside, something is going on in our educational system, and it is not education.

Joe Falkner


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