Easter Egg Hunt Goes On Despite Snow, Sleet And Rain



Mikey Marazza/Roundup

Being only 17 months old didn’t stop Jack Butler from collecting 43 eggs on his first Easter egg hunt in Christopher Creek.

Saturday, April 11 everyone woke up to snow, sleet and rain for the annual Easter egg hunt, but that didn’t stop 10 eager kids from coming out to find 500 eggs hidden by the Easter bunny.

Mimi Tidwell’s 17-month-old Jack Butler attended his first Easter egg hunt Saturday in Christopher Creek.

Although he did not find the most eggs in his age group, he did find an impressive 43 eggs.

I would say that’s not bad for his first hunt and only being 17 months old.

Everyone got plenty of eggs and there were prizes for the most and the least eggs found. The winners in the 7-12 age group were Kyle Milhon with the most (76) and Athena Buffa with the least eggs (30).

The winners in the 6 and under age group were a very quick little girl named Sage Castillo with the most eggs (82), and the youngest, Jack Butler who found 43 eggs and took home his first prize for the least amount of eggs in his age group. Echo, Emma, and Occean Helmick, Jordon and Marcus Johnson, and Savoi Castillo all left with a whole lot of eggs.

The Christopher Creek Homeowners Association would like to thank Debbie Aschbrenner owner of Tall Pines Market for the merchandise coupons she donated. Thanks to Karen Thornton and Mark Alvin for their extra helping hands and to the officers of the homeowners association: Ron Louch, president; Laura Alvin, vice president; and Judy Toole, treasurer; for the successful hunt.

Fire board raises taxes

Monday, April 13 was a heated monthly fire board meeting at the fire hall. More than 30 residents attended this meeting over the upcoming budget. Many were very upset over the fact that they want to raise the tax rate and hire three new paid employees and give raises in a time when the economy is failing everyone.

Dave Lloyd was very vocal and spoke several times on how this was not the time for new paid employees and raises. Kyle Gourdouex of Ponderosa Springs spoke on how there are many residents on a fixed income and they cannot afford for their taxes to go up, and they do not want to have to leave the area.

Steve Sundra also of Ponderosa Springs and the fire department was also in agreement with others that he could not afford a tax increase and that we should slow down. Business owners were on hand to speak their minds. Susan Keown owner of ERA in the community told of how companies are laying off and cutting corners in these hard times and we need to get back to a volunteer department.

Susan Ronan owner of Elk Haven Cabins said we need to find volunteers and maybe we need to find a better way to look for them.

The department said they have tried and cannot find volunteers, but Sam Seay at the meeting handed Chief Electra VanEckoute applications for two new volunteers that he was able to find. Mr. O’Neil of C-Canyon said he would like to join the fire department and said he had a friend.

Jason Harris, owner of Christopher Creek Lodge, tried to explain to the board that if we raise the taxes and lose the businesses and many homeowners there will be no money. It seemed no matter what the residents of the district wanted, the board had its own agenda.

The board voted to raise the tax rate from $2.08 to $2.30. Board president Debbie Dawson voted against raising the taxes.  Jim Oliver and Margo Holmes voted for the raise.

After the meeting tempers were flying. Several residents said that if we are going to raise the taxes we need to bite the bullet and let Hellsgate come in and run the department. That way we would get qualified personnel and something for our money.

Others said we voted in the board and they are supposed to work for us. What happened there? In a time when the economy is the worse its been in 40 years they are giving raises, hiring new employees and raising the tax rate. According to residents at the meeting, they have just begun to fight.


Peggy Milburn will be adding another candle to her cake April 23 and Jo Armistead will be celebrating her birthday on April 25. Wishing the two of you a happy birthday.


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