Hunting With Children Is Family Time



In response to the letter submitted by Joe Miele of C.A.S.H. (Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting).

Mr. Miele, I had to do a little searching to find your Web site as you listed it wrong in your letter. I then sent you the paragraph below as an e-mail and am awaiting your response.

I really think that your organization would be much better served to carry the torch for child/teen drug addiction, child automobile safety, not letting kids ride bicycles on busy roadways, etc. I read your (letter) in Wednesday’s paper and cannot help but shake my head. In a time when parents spend less time with their children than ever, your “committee” attacks one of the few groups in modern America that still spends quality time with and actually is raising their kids!

Your views are twisted and out of touch, you obviously have not walked a mile in the shoes of the people you attack. You have no idea that for most of the families that you attack, you are promoting generation robbery.

It is not a sport to the large majority of these families, it is a way of life.

I would never defame a person who would choose not to hunt, who would choose not to be a conservationist! And yet you and people like you defame me and others like me, each and every day.

I ask you this in closing, if not for all the funds put up by sportsmen (and women) in this country, who will pay for the conservation efforts and stewardship of our wildlife — Mother Nature’s renewable resource?

Gino Wullkotte


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