Spring Is The Time For New Beginnings In Nature



Photo by Dara Sutton

This mama duck was seen recently in Bear Flat watching over her brood of ducklings as they all went for a swim.

Spring is the time for “new beginnings” and it is shown to us by new birth of the animals and birds around us.

As an example, Bear Flat resident Dara Sutton has spotted at least nine Mallard baby ducks along the creek bed that is near her home. She is on the lookout for an owl who has also spotted these little ducklings.

But then again this is nature at work. She is keeping an eye on the ducklings and the owl with binoculars and at my urging, will try to take a picture of the mama and her ducklings.

Hellsgate Fire Department

The Fuel Reduction Program is now working in the Bear Flat area. Some of the residents in the area have cleaned up their properties and piled up the brush in a common area.

The volunteer firemen, under the direction of Battalion Chief Doug Blazer, will arrive on Thursday with a bobcat and a trailer and haul the brush to Blattner burn pit. This action will greatly reduce the fire danger to this remote area, and a few of the residents have cooperated in clearing the brush away.

This is your tax dollars working for you and your safety!

In memory

A very special person would have celebrated her birthday on April 15 if it had not been for a deadly brain cancer.

Connie Weldon passed away one year ago. Connie was a vital force to Tonto Village in encouraging the gals in the Village to get together once a week to play dominoes. Connie was also a member of the congregation at the Tonto Village Chapel. Connie is missed by all of us who knew her. Lord, you have given us the miracle of memory through which we can remember loved ones gone.

Conficker virus

Everyone has heard of this very bad virus that could infect your computers. I found an article in Friday’s edition of the Roundup that had a solution to finding out if your computer picked up that deadly virus, and it is free! Daniel Taft, in his column, “Computer Solutions,” offers a free service to the Payson community.

Go to http://computersolutionsspecialists.com/freescan and the specialists at Computer Problem Specialists will guide you through the process.

I personally have had this done this week and I am greatly relieved to know that my computer is virus free. A big thank you to Daniel and his specialists for this free service to the Payson area.


Roxanne Martin of Tonto Village II will celebrate her birthday April 19.

Angela Meeker Glass will also have her big day on the same day. “Angie” is the oldest daughter of our good fishing buddies Rick and Theresa Meeker. They divide their time between Tonto Village II and Scottsdale. Happy birthday to you both.

Pool results

Last week Phyllis Mullen Ballard was visiting the Village and getting together with her old nine-ball friends. At the tournament on Tuesday evening, Phyllis shot for second place, Betty Koutz shot and won first place. Nanci Olson came in third. Congratulations to the winners.


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