What Is Your Fair Housing Iq?


Real estate licensees in Arizona are required to take a minimum of 24 hours of real estate education every two years.

Many take additional education and earn designations such as GRI (Graduate of the Real Estate Institute), CRS (Certified Residential Specialist), and CRB (Certified Residential Broker), to mention a few of the many designations available.

Realtors need to be aware of changes in law and trends. April is designated as Fair Housing Month.

Test your knowledge of the fair housing laws by taking this quiz.

Thanks to the National Association of Realtors and HUD for supplying the basis for these questions.

1. Under the fair housing laws, it is legal to prohibit which of the following in a housing unit?

a. Smoking

b. Drinking

c. A live-in caregiver for a resident with a disability

d. Both a and b

2. If a seller has listed his property through a real estate agent and refuses to accept an offer for purchase because of the buyer’s national origin, who may file a federal legal action against the seller?

a. The prospective buyer

b. The real estate agent

c. The United States government

d. All of the above

3. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 provided which of the following?

a. Allows exemptions for homes sold without the help of a real estate agent

b. Effectively prohibits all discrimination based on race in a real estate transaction

c. Grants all citizens the same rights to own, purchase, lease, transfer or use real property

d. Both b and c

4. Under the federal housing laws there are seven protected classes. They are:

a. Race, color, income source, national origin, handicap, marital status, religion

b. Race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin

c. Race, sexual orientation, sex, familial status, handicap, age, national origin

d. None of the above

5. True or False:

a. Federal law prohibits apartment landlords from assigning families with children to one particular building.

b. An apartment building owner may reject a potential tenant with a history of mental illness even though they are not a danger to others.

c. An apartment building has the right to reject a prospective tenant because of poor housekeeping habits.

d. Sexual harassment of prospective or existing tenants is a violation of the fair housing laws.

e. The fair housing act protects people with physical disabilities but not mental disabilities.

f. The fair housing act does not apply to commercial properties.

Here are the answers —

1d, 2d, 3d, 4b, 5: aT, bF, cT, dT, eF, fF

Ray Pugel is a designated broker for Coldwell Banker Bishop Realty. Contact him at (928) 474-2216.


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