Where’S The Uproar?



This letter is in response to your “Chain saw skirmish line aids Christopher Creek” dated Friday, April 17.

Your reporter missed the real story. I believed that the stimulus money was legislated to create jobs and opportunities for Americans. When I heard about the possibility about stimulus money for the area, I thought great, much-needed jobs for local people. I know that the amount of local families seeking food from the food banks has more than doubled. I know that families have gone in arrears and are not paying for their kids’ lunches at school. I know that husbands and fathers have left the area looking for work in other states.

The $900,000 project cost will be paid to a California contractor with almost all of the workers coming up from El Salvador.

The $765,000 in stimulus money is part of a debt that we, not the Salvadorans, will be paying off for decades.

Yes, the workers will stay in and around Payson, but they will spend very little and send or take most of it back home to El Salvador.

Is your paper working on an investigative report on why Americans can’t work in America? Is there an ongoing congressional investigation on the matter? Where is the uproar?

In the last line in the article Don Nunley, Payson Ranger District fire manager, states “It was a complicated process, just a lot of issues to consider.” Well they thought about the studies, the plans, goshawks and spotted owls. But they forgot to consider using Americans to work in America.

Charles Almendarez


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