Change The Status Quo



I’m an angry, disgusted, and frustrated independent voter. The decimation of our public school system via massive teacher layoffs and the social services reductions at CPS by our state legislature have been totally unacceptable. The Republican majority has been fond of blaming past problems on the Democratic governor who resigned three months ago. Now that the legislature has a Republican governor and a firm grip on the reins of state government, they still can’t or won’t balance our state budget, they continue to hold secret meetings to discuss our budget woes, and they continue to shoulder little or none of the blame for the catastrophic cuts facing our Arizona schools and social services.

The Arizona budget crisis we face is real, but the shortfall should not be balanced on the backs of our students, parents, teachers and individuals of low or modest means.

Since the current majority party in both the state senate and house have been in “power” for decades, we need to change their makeup so we can change the thinking and way of doing business in the legislature.

Unfortunately, too many of the “we already do enough for education” and the “cut taxes” people in the legislature represent us in the Payson, Show Low, Pinetop and Springerville areas.

Any voter content with the current way of doing business by the sitting members of our state legislature should continue to vote for the status quo.

Richard K. Meszar


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