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Seeing what students create is rewarding to teacher



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Leslie Peacock

Name: Leslie Peacock

School and subjects taught: Gila Community College, Wear-able Art

College degree and major: I do not have a degree in teaching or education. My education and background is in Criminology and Public Administration.

Years teaching: Approximately 10 years.

Why do you teach? I enjoy teaching students who want to learn. When I see the beautiful garments they create it is very rewarding to me to know that I was, hopefully, an inspiration for their creativity.

Personal motto / words of wisdom: I have two: “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will keep getting what you’ve always gotten,” and “If some is good, more is better”!

Family: Married 40 years to my husband, Steve. No children.

Pet peeve: People who say “I can’t” before they even try.

Favorite hobby or leisure activity: Sewing, reading, china painting, camping and working various types of puzzles, especially jigsaw puzzles and Sudoku.

Person in history you’d most like to meet and why: Any of the Seminole Indian women to learn more about their art and techniques.

Why Payson? California was getting too congested and over-populated. Payson reminds me of the area where I grew up in Southern California.

In school, who was your favorite teacher and why? Mr. Embry — he taught us how to be responsible for our actions and at the same time helped us learn from our mistakes.

What was your favorite subject in school and why? I didn’t have an all-time favorite subject subject — but I really liked science and math because I like working puzzles and especially learning about how things work.

What was your favorite year in school and why? I don’t think I had a favorite year in school — I was just glad to be done and ready to start earning a living and being on my own.


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