Dogs Must Be Leashed



Leashing your dog within the town of Payson is the law.

I have been walking my dogs for nine years at Rumsey Park, every day if possible, and many times each week I encounter folks who allow their dogs to walk freely without a leash.

I understand that these folks believe they are treating their dogs responsibly and allowing them to experience freedom, but they are sadly risking their precious pet’s life instead.

We have heard the stories of coyotes taking dogs and cats in an instant, and I personally spot coyotes on a regular basis at the park.

These coyotes are referred to as “urban coyotes” and the common problem is that they are associating people with good things — yummy cats and small dogs.

Coyotes are not the only reason that our dogs should be leased, it is also to protect your dog from other dogs that are not as friendly or well-mannered as yours might be. I have witnessed dog fights several times also. Dogs that are unleashed or not controlled by their owner get too close and pets are injured.

Before submitting this article I checked with the Town of Payson and the Parks and Recreation Department concerning the trails at Rumsey, since a person attempted to tell me if they were on the trail system within Rumsey they did not have to leash their dogs. As long as you are within the town limits, your dog must be leased.

This law works both ways to protect your dog from either injury or death and to protect the precious pets of others.

Jeannie Herford


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