Woodworker Brings Moose Name And Business To Payson


Challenging times for homeowners and small-business owners mean many are cutting back on improvement projects and general upkeep. Now more than ever, residents do not want to waste their money on a faulty contractor or worker.

Mark Scott, owner of Moose Capital Woodworks, said he has felt the strain of residents cutting back on renovations and home improvement projects, but it has not discouraged him enough to give up his dream of providing quality contracting services.

Scott works alone as a licensed remodeling contractor. He says he can fix or make just about anything.

From a 32-by-32-foot garage he constructed several weeks ago in only 12 days complete with painting and trimming, to custom cabinetry and furniture and kitchen and bath additions.

Besides remodeling, Scott does small-scale projects, including home repair, maintenance, decks, sheds, kitchens and baths.

“I am methodical,” Scott said of his work.

Besides methodical, Scott is dedicated to his company and its growth. For the last 17 years, Scott successfully operated Moose Capital Woodworks in northern Colorado.

However, after 17 hard winters, Scott needed a change of pace.

On a fluke, he ended up in Payson with his wife. Scott, like so many others who end up in Payson, described driving through Payson on a trip and realizing how great it is.

“It was very quiet and I thought, “Wow,” he said. “I came back a few months later and got licensed in February.”

Scott got his start fixing things as a child watching his dad putter about the home.

“I credit him with getting me interested,” he said. At 12 years old, Scott helped build a deck in a weekend.

“I like to look back at the end of the day and see that I did something,” he said. “I love this work and like all aspects of home improvements and repair as well as new remodels.”

For more information about Moose Capital Woodworks, call Scott at (928) 951-4658.


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