Custom Computers Provide Lasting Benefits


Most of us love ice cream, but we all have different tastes. Most ice cream shops now allow easy customization of flavors via a wide selection of ice cream, mix-ins, and toppings. We can get exactly what we want, even if that means chocolate ice cream with gummy bears and pistachios.

At public events, these same ice cream shops will set up booths offering their delicious treats. They usually choose to offer the three or four most popular flavors. These flavors are really good, no doubt about it. Sometimes they just don’t offer exactly what we’re looking for. Some of the “stock” creations have nuts, caramel sauce, and marshmallow cream added in — but maybe we like the classic simplicity of a single flavor. Some are missing key “unique” ingredients like blackberry juice, Twix bars, or Skittles. We know what we like, and we should be able to have a choice in the matter ... right?

Computers are a lot like ice cream: they are universally used, there are many varieties and combinations, and we rarely agree on what to put in them. Creating a custom PC versus purchasing a pre-made “package” is an important question to explore. Let’s take a look:

First, you need to determine your preferences. Some people prefer vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. Period. The same goes with computer users. Many people want to keep it simple and clean. For them it may seem prudent to buy a prepackaged deal from a major retailer. At closer look, however, it may not make the most sense. What is seemingly a plain old “vanilla” computer will most likely have some unwanted added features that clutter the system and increase the cost. The ingredients used to make a “vanilla” computer will also be less than desirable; usually the cheapest available.

Some people (the ones who like gummy bears and pistachios) need specific components in their system. Retail computers do have some flexibility, mostly with hard drive space, processor speed and monitor size. What if you need a heavy-duty video card for video editing or movie viewing? Combine that with the need for a large monitor, a wireless keyboard to operate from your couch, and increased capacity for storing movies (i.e. a 1 terabyte hard drive) and you will be hard-pressed to find an adequate package. Upgrades, usually expensive, will ensue. On top of additional purchases to acquire what you need, you will be stuck with a keyboard, monitor, and internal components that you don’t want, but have already paid for.

It’s obvious that no matter our preference, customization is vital to prolonged, enjoyable, and productive computer use. By custom building your computer, you can specify exactly which functions you need and which ones you don’t. The parts and components will be of much higher quality, and you will receive personalized information about your system. You will not pay for anything you don’t want or need.

Don’t simply eat the ice cream that is put in front of you ... you deserve the right to eat your ice cream however you want.

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