Health Care Rush Makes No Sense



The present administration in our nation’s capital agrees with the majority of citizens that the existing health care system is broken, and to fix it we have to rush to expand it. That way we’ll have a much bigger, more expensive, more complex problem to solve. This doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense.

Why, if the present system is so wasteful and inefficient, can’t the administration just back off a little and put more effort into fixing the present Medicare/Medicade/insurance system? Is it worth bankrupting our country to fulfill a campaign promise and throw the companies/industries as well as the associated insurance industry into a complete panic?

This looks like a great time to back off and take a fresh approach to solving the present problem with a real bipartisan approach instead of playing this high stakes game of Gotcha! Get back to solving the problem and do what is good for the country and stop wasting time and effort. While they’re at it, maybe they could take bit of language Teddy Kennedy is rumored to have inserted into this messy bill to exempt Congress from its provisions, so Congress can continue to have their present cushy health care system.

John Oppertshauser


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