Kirkpatrick Meeting Disappointing



About 100 people showed up for a public meeting with Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (Democrat) in front of the Safeway store Aug. 5.

There was no public forum with a speaker. You had to sign up and get in line for an individual, private discussion with her. It was very noisy. We could not hear what was asked or what she answered. There was no way 90 to 100 people could be fitted into the 90 minutes allotted.

I wanted to ask: If she had read all 1,500 pages of the Health Reform Bill? Why would you vote yes for socialized or national health care that has failed in England, Europe and Canada? Do you believe in putting our country deeper and deeper in debt by borrowing and spending more and more?

She has proved by her voting record that she is a liberal along with Obama (big government, big spending, big taxes, more government control). She obeyed Obama’s strategy to avoid public forums and town hall meetings where there is public debating or public questioning that can be filmed.

William C. Cain


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