No Excuse For Not Controlling Dogs, Or Temper



A few comments on Mr. Dave Engleman’s letter which you printed Aug. 4. Mr. Harold Fish was released from prison because our legal system requires the accused to be proven guilty, and not the burden of innocence to be upon the accused.

Mr. Fish exercised great restraint in not shooting any of the dogs. A trained deputy sheriff also had drawn his pistol on one of the same dogs in the past, so it was not unreasonable for Mr. Fish to do the same.

Perhaps there was no leash law in the open forest, but that does not excuse Mr. Kuenzli from controlling the dogs and his violent temper. The entire terrible incident would have been prevented if dog owners would better control their dogs and their violent tempers, regardless of the law.

It does not matter why Mr. Kuenzli had a screwdriver in his pocket, when he behaved as if he could have been attacking Mr. Fish. That screwdriver was probably perfectly legal to be in Mr. Kuenzli’s pocket at the time. There was also no law against Mr. Fish having a pistol in the open forest, and there should not be, just the same as Mr. Kuenzli’s screwdriver. Mr. Fish exercised the greatest responsibility in staying with Mr. Kuenzli and the dogs for two hours. A true murderer would have disappeared, destroyed the pistol, avoided legal accountability and endless public criticism. The charge of murder’s wrong.

Personally, I would feel more comfortable in the open forest with Harold Fish, than with any sort of extremists, or with a mental case who was supposed to be medicated. It is completely ridiculous to keep trying this case in the newspaper, or to take it back to trial again. Enough is enough!

Jim Berrier


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