Health Plan Should Include President And Congress



At the “Chats with Ann” at the Safeway store I was there to present Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick with a pledge to sign regarding the health care bill before Congress. It simply said that before she would vote yes on HR3200 or any other version, the bill would have a requirement that the president and Congress be on the same health care plan as the rest of America. If that requirement was not in the bill, no matter what the final bill looked like, she would vote no. No longer would there be an elitist plan for Congress and the president and a different one for the American public. Too many laws passed by Congress exempt themselves from having to abide by the laws they enact. I felt that if this government-run health care plan was so necessary and so good, then all Americans would be in the same plan. That is the only fair way to address the issue.

I passed the pledge form around to the people in line to talk with Congresswoman Kirkpatrick (I stopped counting at 150) for those who agreed that we should have only one health care plan for all Americans and got 96 signatures.

When it was my turn to “Chat with Ann,” I presented the pledge for her to sign along with the signatures of 96 Paysonians who agreed that no health care bill should be passed unless everyone was on the same plan. Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick said she would not sign the pledge because she had not seen the bill in its final form.

I said it didn’t matter, this was a concept she would be pledging to her constituents; that if there was to be a health care bill, it would cover all Americans or she would automatically vote no. The congresswoman reiterated she would not sign the pledge, it was not how she does things since she had not seen the final bill. I pleaded with her that this was a concept, not an approval of the wording of a final bill. She repeated she would not sign the pledge.

I have to conclude that Congresswoman Kirkpatrick sees this bill as one to impose on the vast other Americans, which does not include Congress and the president.

Common sense says “of course I would only vote for a health care plan that applies for myself as well as for my constituents.” Evidently our congresswoman thinks there are situations where she would agree to impose a plan for us and not for herself and fellow members of Congress. Remember, Congress and the president have the best health care plan in America with over 10 options on coverage. Maybe she thinks any plan that Congress approves would be less than what she already has.

Now is the time to call Congresswoman Kirkpatrick and demand that she can only vote yes if it also includes everyone. I assure you they will only support a health care plan that treats them well, that saves costs and contains real reform. If it doesn’t, if it excludes themselves along with the president, then we know it’s a bad deal and she must vote no.

Don Ascoli


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