Response To Unleashed Dogs In Rumsey Park



I’m sure you are genuinely concerned about the leash law, however, I’m concerned about more important animal issues than an unleashed dog. How about dogs that are left outside day and night, chained or unchained, without enough food or water? How about cats let outside to be food for the wild animals?

In addition to the leash law in Payson, let’s all work for humane treatment of owned dogs and cats. Let’s go after people who abandon their animals without any concern for their safety and/or health. Let’s pass laws forbidding 24-hour outside animals. Let’s pass laws against killing unwanted puppies and kittens. Animals didn’t ask to be born and definitely don’t ask to be treated badly.

When people buy or adopt an animal, let’s pass a law that enforces them to be responsible for that animal’s entire life. If that’s hard, then just remove the animal. If people can’t treat their animals humanely they should never be allowed to have one.


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