Intruders Trying To Control Our Lives


Health care was pretty simple when my folks were kids in Payson. If they had any problem that you couldn’t take care of with turpentine or baking soda, someone sent for Dr. Risser. The Doc was accommodating. He would make house calls or patients could come to him. He preferred money for his services, but if it was not available he would accept anything from grape jelly to a live pig in payment.

When I was a kid, things hadn’t changed much except that Dr. Cartmell was the Doc. If anyone had to go to a hospital, they were available in Globe, Phoenix or Cottonwood. In any case the Doc took care of the problem as best he could; he was paid for his services and that was the end of the problem. Dr. Cartmell passed on and for a few years Payson didn’t have a doctor until Dave Gilbert came to town in 1957. Soon after Payson had its own clinic, thanks to the Payson Jr. Womans Club. Dr. Gilbert was an excellent doctor and medical service in Payson was unrivaled in all of Arizona during his tenure here, neither was the financial aspect complicated. The good doctor preformed a service for folks and the folks he treated paid him or their insurance companies paid him.

Woops! Did I say insurance companies? OK, but still there was no problem as long as they left the diagnoses and the treatment up to the doctors. Almost with the first policies, however, the insurance companies, in an effort to save money, started to regulate as to the treatments they would cover. Soon they were dictating how many days they would pay for a patient’s hospital stay and a multitude of other contingencies. This caused doctors to try to adapt their patient’s treatment so as to conform to their insurance policies. The insurance companies were starting to interfere between the patients and their doctors, but all could have been worked out had it been left to the free enterprise system. Competition would have caused the various companies to draft better policies or folks simply would not have bought into them.

Now we have the drug companies, insurance companies, hospitals, and finally the federal government and all are all messing up the doctor-patient relationship. Doctors and hospitals have to charge more because of the volumes of paperwork and red tape required by Medicare, Medicaid AHCCCS, and a myriad of other government-bungled medical programs. The farther down the road to state-controlled medicine we go, the worse the care and the longer the wait. We who work, pay our taxes, stay out of debt, save for our retirements, and try to live like we are supposed to can expect no help from the various government programs. In fact, we can expect to pay for them. The programs are for illegal aliens — bums, fools, senators, congressmen, and — but I repeat myself.

Still the government intruders and those who perpetuate the cause of national health care (both hereafter called intruders) have a ravenous appetite for control. The intruders veil their pursuits in cloaks of moral indignation directed at productive, hard-working, and successful folks who are demonized as perpetrators of various offenses against the public good. This to the intruders justifies further governmental intervention on behalf of an endless parade of assumed suffering victims. The result is that the alleged perpetrators and victims are both subjugated by the government — the former by blatant theft, the latter by a dependent existence and the result is a diminished quality of health care for all.

Now we have come to the point where during a speech at a National Press Club luncheon, House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers (D-Mich.) questioned the point of lawmakers even reading the Obama health care “reform” bill, saying: “What good is reading the bill if it’s a thousand pages and you don’t have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill?”

Conyers is the House judiciary chairman and he is too damn dumb to read and understand the bill? But, rest assured he is going to vote for it in whatever form it comes to the floor.

The real purpose of Obama’s bill is to totally federalize the health care industry, but to paraphrase what one protester asked in relation to Conyers’ question, “If you are too lazy to read the bill or if you can’t understand it, why should we trust you to revamp the nation’s entire health care system?”

One thing is certain: If the intruders control our health care, they control our lives and that could be a setback for those of us who still have a vested interest in “Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

— Como Siempré, Jinx

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