Public Has Right To Know Position Of Elected Representatives



My husband and I were one of the very few in line who were actually able to speak with Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick — as many people left because of the extreme heat and also the lag time it took to speak with her. We were #13 and #14 in line, and it was just before 3 p.m. when we had our chance. So it was evident that many left at least disappointed, if not in disgust.

We didn’t know some of the people standing around us, but it appeared that there were representative people from both political parties who wanted answers to the health care reform bill. When she sat down with the first person, we were all wondering why she didn’t have a microphone in order to give her answers to everyone in attendance.

Today I have a clearer understanding at what our representatives are up to, and it is most disheartening. Heard on CNN this morning that the higher-ups in the administration have ordered the reps not to have town hall meetings unless they give out tickets — and you know how one-sided this will be among the attendees.

Just happened to hear a cut on the news at 12:30 today — Kirkpatrick appeared in Holbrook today.

People were upset because she wouldn’t talk to all of the people at once. She wanted to interview individually (as in Payson). The people kept protesting, and after the third interview she got up and left the area.

Is this the American way? No matter one’s political persuasion, we all have a right to know just where our representatives stand on the issues, especially on one like this that will affect all of our health standards.

This was a total sham yesterday, and I now wish that I hadn’t wasted my time in attending.

By the way, my first question to her was: Have you read the entire bill?

Her answer: Not all of it. I am on page 156 and hoping to read 50 pages per day. I just wonder ... what if the bill had been voted on before the August recess?

How would she have voted, when she hadn’t read the entire bill? I am truly in awe as to how we citizens are being treated today. Our voices are not being heard, in this so-called “transparent” administration.

Joann Hippel


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