A Cowboy Who Protects His Own



I was heading for my monthly supply trip to Heber when I received a panicked call from a friend of mine, Ronald Wayne Knight, saying his dog needed doctoring bad and he had to kill a javelina with a rock.

The reception isn’t the best out in Chevelon Acres and I had to have him repeat himself three times, but heard it right the first time.

I’ve done my share of stitching up critters and had sewn up this dog before, so I wasn’t shaken too bad about getting bit. Since he’s a wrangler for my sister, Dr. Diana Easton, a physician in Payson, I wasn’t worried about needing medical supplies.

“Taurus,” his dog, looked like he’d been shot with large buckshot all over and was leaking like a sieve. When I did the best I could for Taurus, Wayne calmed enough to fill me in.

He was riding a horse, checking fence with several dogs along when his dog was attacked by this javelina. He took a couple of pictures of the fight until he saw his dog was going to go under.

With no gun or knife, he jumped off his horse, grabbed a rock and beat the critter to death while it was still attacking his dog.

If you saw this cowboy you’d wonder why he didn’t just choke it to death. Tad bit muscular.

He had loaded the dead critter on the horse and brought it back. It was one of the largest javelinas I’ve ever seen and the only marks on it were dog bites and a half fully crushed skull!

Wayne took a few more pictures. There’s a man who protects his own!

Wayne is the same cowboy who, with his dog, found the lost hunter last year off of 504.

Kurt Easton


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