Death Squads Are Here And Have Been For Over 35 Years



I’ve noticed that most of the media, young adults, and Democrats strongly support President Obama’s health care reform bill. On the surface, “free” health care sounds wonderful, but it is not free nor is anything from the government any good. Obama is endorsing a health care plan that is dangerously sympathetic to “cost-effective” end-of-life treatments and taxpayer-funded abortion on demand.

Euthanasia will come soon enough in one form or another, death panels are already at work in some states like Oregon. The IRS will have control of several aspects of the health reform bill. I doubt if this is good for any business owner or any one that had problems with the IRS.

In the draft version of the bill, it appears that taxpayer-funded abortion on demand will be easier to obtain than treatment for a chronic illness. Most people are not outraged that more than a billion federal dollars (our taxes) have been given to Planned Parenthood since its inception, nor that Obama is the strongest proponent of abortion ever in the oval office. It is remarkable that a civilized society would promulgate laws to protect an animal species and its unborn (e.g., it is a federal crime to touch, damage, or destroy a bald eagle’s egg), and yet the complete reverse of law allows and encourages a woman to abort a perfectly developed child simply because it is inconvenient. Folks, the death squads are here and have been at work for over 35 years. Don’t be deceived; they had many years and billions of dollars to perfect their industry of greed, making it appear to be a civil and necessary service to the world.

Jeff Durbin


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