Health Plan Puts Insurance Industry Profits At Risk



“I don’t want the government messing with my Medicare.” This is a direct quote from one of the protesters at one of the town hall meetings last week. But as a quote it seems significant when you realize that most of the anger comes from this very clear lack of understanding and by those that believe lies like the one about “Death Panels.”

There is a significant and powerful element that is working very hard to derail a health care plan because billions of dollars of profit by insurance companies are at stake here. We have been ripped off by them for too long. They are run by bureaucrats just like the government bureaucrats we are all supposed to be afraid of.

They also decide what treatment we will receive and they deny coverage to hundreds of thousands of people every day.

This is why we have “socialized” medicinetoday, it’s called Medicare and Medicaid. The insurance companies refused coverage to the elderly and the poor. The government had to step in to cover that part of the population.

I would like to hear from anyone at all who is refusing their Medicare at 65 because it is “socialized” medicine. Please write your letter to the editor to tell us why you are not going to accept this Medical plan from your government. I don’t really expect anyone to write — do you?

I find it interesting that most medical coverage by insurance companies have a cap; a point where they will no longer pay for your care. It might be $2 million or $5 million and that may seem like a lot of coverage but catastrophic illness can eat through that coverage over months of care. You are left liable to pay the difference over and above your coverage. There is no provision for limited coverage with Medicare and no provision for limits in any of the bills before Congress. So why are citizens so loyal to the insurance companies?

I think that is the trillion dollar question.

Don Wickstrom


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