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My home is one of the homes being “watched” in Mesa del.

Apparently, between July 20 and July 31 we used way too much water.

I admit to watering my flowers and grass on occasion to sustain them, barely. I did not water them every day, but once a week, and not all at once.

What really gets me is during that time frame, not only did I have my grandson here, but also some of his friends, using the bathroom and washing their hands. I can vouch for that because I was constantly harping on them. “Did you flush the toilet, wash your hands?” as they passed through my home. I was also home from work a few of those days due to surgery. I did extra laundry trying to get caught up beforehand.

According to our “violation,” we used more water than the previous month during a “mandatory conservation period.” We did, we had a pretty mild June this year with some rain if I remember correctly.

As soon as we received our notice, we started saving bath water to water our flowers, the grass is pretty much gone except the patches we’ve managed to toss buckets of soapy, sometimes scrungy bath water on. Our laundry water is hooked onto a pipe that sort of services a few rose bushes. Shades of United Utilities from years gone by.

Another way we are trying to conserve is using the “if it’s yellow let it mellow” routine. I wish I would have had my camera when I told my grandson not to flush unless it was brown. His eyes bugged out when he said, “But Grandma you have been on my case about flushing ever since I can remember.” May I have a glass of water with those words I’m eating?

I can’t hold anything against Myndi (Brogdon), she is just doing her job. But I do wonder just how much it is costing Brooke Utilities to have their workers out reading meters trying to catch a violator. Mine was read again today, Sunday, at 11:45 a.m. On Friday after checking my mail, I witnessed them checking one on Cabarello. Are they purposely trying to fine us? Wouldn’t some the money that they are paying their meter readers to work at all hours be better spent on investigating the shortage or investing in their system?

Back about four years ago the company encouraged us to have yards and gardens. After all, they wanted to make money, “we have water, use it!” Imagine my surprise when I got a $300 bill for the month of September. It turned out that we had a valve leak on our side of the meter which we fixed immediately. Nobody from the utility company let us know anything was going on.

Susie Yoder


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