Rodeo Parade Should Not Be Politicized



My husband and I just attended our first Rodeo Parade.

It was a picture perfect day; the bystanders were all happy, friendly people with children, pets, camp chairs, bandanas, and smiles. As the parade started down Main Street we were enthralled, the country music was playing, the horses were magnificent and the Rodeo Queens were beautiful. Here was the perfect slice of heaven — no worries, just pure enjoyment, pride and joy.

Three-quarters of the way through the parade, a float came by filled with “just ordinary folk” — a real “grass roots” float it was — carrying “handmade” signs. They weren’t signs of pride or happiness — they were signs of anger and distortion.

No matter what your politics are, this float had no business being in this pure, beautiful parade — a parade that happens once a year, a parade for all the citizens of Payson — a parade that should not be politicized.

After this “float” passed my husband and I spontaneously looked at each other and remarked that we needed to just “let it go ...” and continued to enjoy the parade. I’m sure we are not the only ones that feel this way, and hope that in the future, floats like this will be off limits.

Barbara Starr


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