Do What’S Best For Americans, Not For Insurance Industry



We are third generation owners of a small family business and we are 100 percent behind the insurance reform that includes a public option.

We have watched our insurance rates go up 14 percent one year, then 18 percent and then 22 percent — when we finally could no longer provide insurance for our employees. This makes it impossible to compete with larger companies that can afford to offer insurance.

There is so much misinformation going around — what you need to know is this: If you like your present coverage, you can keep it. But, if you are like us and are fed up with the huge profits and salaries that insurance companies collect from us, then you can choose a public option that is government administered.

The insurance plans for our Congress, our seniors and our brave soldiers is also government administered and it is very good coverage indeed.

It does not have to have profit as its sole concern — it can actually spend the money we pay it for health care. We are rated as No. 37th in the world for health care — doesn’t that worry anyone else?

Members of Congress should have to declare how much money they have accepted from health care interests before they vote for or against the public option so that we can see where their true loyalty lies.

Insurance companies are paying $1.3 million dollars every day to influence Congress to vote against the public option.

My 53-year-old brother-in-law died of cancer this year and left $50,000 in medical costs for his wife to pay. And he had employer-provided insurance. Now she is having to go bankrupt — does this sound like the best health care system in the world as conservatives continue to assert?

Let’s do what’s best for Americans, not for the insurance industry.

Wendy Trainor


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