Ocean Fishing Trip Nets Shark



Debbie Dawson poses with the crew of the Sea Trek after landing this hammerhead shark during a recent trip to Oceanside, Calif.

Debbie Dawson and her family went fishing out of Oceanside, Calif. recently, and the family is still talking about the unbelievable experience they had.

They chartered a boat with the fishing company, Helgrens Sportfishing, and the name of the boat they were on was the Sea Trek. Kind of like Star Trek but only in the ocean.

During their outing, Debbie hooked a huge shark. She said it took more than an hour to get the big guy on board.

Debbie said the crew told her it was the first hammerhead shark ever caught on the Sea Trek, in addition to being the largest fish ever caught.

I personally would have taken one look at that fish coming out of the water and let go of the pole. Yikes! I don’t like sharks, but that is the ugliest fish I ever saw.

I asked Debbie if she had a picture of them holding it up and she said it took six men with four gaffs and a rope on his head and tail to get this big fish on board the boat.

Debbie is quite the fisherman. In August of 2007, she caught a 20-pound yellowtail on vacation. That’s pretty good, Deb. I am lucky to catch those little crayfish up at Woods Canyon Lake.

I think Debbie and her family will be talking about this catch for a long time. Only this won’t be a fish tale. Debbie said she doesn’t think she could ever repeat this in her lifetime. What a feat!

Congratulations on your catch, Deb!

Labor Day

Labor Day is getting close and there will be a pancake breakfast and a bake sale at 8 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 5 at the fire department.

Don’t cook, just come out and have a delicious breakfast and buy some baked goods for dinner.

Those of you who would like to bake, just drop off your goodies at the fire hall.


Lorna Aschbrenner will be celebrating another birthday on Aug. 24 somewhere in California. We miss you, girl! Michael Olson will be adding another candle to her cake Aug. 28. Paul Kovisto of the Christopher/Kohl’s Fire Department will also be celebrating on Aug. 28.

Jarve Sellers, the all-around nice guy of Hunter Creek, will be adding another candle to his cake Aug. 29. Jarve lives full-time in Hunter Creek and anytime you need anything, Jarve is right there. I am going to miss him and his wife Judy when I move.

Dave Ezzell will be celebrating another birthday Aug. 30. Sonny Hunt will be adding another candle to her crowded cake on Sept. 2. Get out the fire extinguisher!

Pam McDaniels and Marty Bethancourt will be adding candles on Sept. 3. Tucker Kilbourne will have another birthday Sept. 4. My daughter, Frankie Jo, will be celebrating her birthday on Sept. 5, as will Jim Cronk of Christopher Creek.

Wishing all of you a happy birthday!


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