Payson School Enrollment Increases

Tenth-day average is up 100 students


A surprising increase in enrollment this year in Payson Unified School District has district officials hopeful that recent declines have temporarily abated.

This year’s 10th-day average enrollment of 2,705 is 100 students higher than the same time last year.

“For economic reasons, there was concern about whether we were going to see a drop in enrollment,” said Superintendent Casey O’Brien. And because he heard several families had been considering relocating, O’Brien was pleasantly surprised at the surge.

One recent year, the district lost 100 students.

Although good news for the district, O’Brien speculated that the still-struggling economy may have partially contributed to the rise. Some students have moved to Payson to live with their grandparents while parents look for work or manage with less money.

School districts receive funding based on the average enrollment through the first 100 days.

“Since that was a surprise, I hope to be surprised again,” O’Brien said about future enrollment. He added that several students have signed on since the 10th-day count.


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