Present-Day Cowboys Prove Times They Are A-Changin’


Wow, wasn’t last Friday through Sunday just another great rodeo weekend here in Payson?

The weather was perfect, the parade was bigger and better than ever and attendance at the four rodeo events and the Oxbow dances was outstanding. Ten-gallon hats off to all whom spent so many hours organizing and manning the many events that made the weekend such a success.

But there is just one thing that bothered me about this weekend — I had to come to grips with the metamorphosis of the American cowboy.

Gone are the days that the man of the Wild West galloped into town on his weary mustang. He now cruises into town in his fire engine red Dodge Ram pickup truck. He no longer wears chaps and a scarf, but now sports designer jeans and tailored shirts. And the Colt 45 he once packed on his hip has been replaced by the latest, high-tech cell phone, with 100 or more ringtones.

How things have changed.

Oh well, it’s probably just because I’m getting old and crotchety that I’m having a hard time accepting that these times, they are a changin’.

And speaking of changing times, that brings me to this week’s music trivia question. Can you name the folk-rock artist who recorded the 1964 hit, “The Times They Are A-Changin’”?

This folk-rock artist was a highly influential, legendary singer, songwriter, guitarist and harmonica player.

Among his top hits were “Like A Rolling Stone” (1965), “Rainy Day Women” (1966) and “Lay Lady Lay” (1969).

Is this folk-rocker A) Bob Seger, B) Bob Dylan, C) Bob Marley or D) Bob Luman?

If you are caller number five this week and have the correct answer, you will win a $10 gift certificate to the Pine Creek Fudge & Ice Cream Parlor in beautiful downtown Pine, courtesy of Carol Herrick, owner. (I can personally attest that Carol’s ice cream and friendly service will have you coming back for more!)

Now, let’s check out how we did with last week’s question, which was: can you name the cowboy artist who recorded the 1990 country song, “Hooked On An 8 Second Ride”?

Is this artist A) Keith Whitley, B) Chris LeDoux, C) Sammy Kershaw or D) Chuck Jackman?

The right answer was B) Chris LeDoux. Keith Whitley and Sammy Kershaw are also contemporary country singers. Chuck Jackman was this year’s chairman of Payson’s 125th Annual World’s Oldest Continuous Rodeo.

Congratulations to this past week’s first-time music trivia winner, Barbara Lindley. Barb’s husband, Benjamin, is a past contest winner.

Barbara was born and raised in Sterns, Ky. In junior high school, she moved with her family to Muncie, Ind. She was introduced to Benjamin through mutual friends.

When I asked Barb if she remembered her first date with Benjamin, she responded, “Of course, we went to the drive-in movie theater to see Dr. Zhivago.” Then she laughed and said, “But we didn’t finish the movie.”

Well, I’m not exactly sure what she meant by that, but it must have been a great first date, because she and Benjamin continued to see each other and have now been married for 41 years.

In 1970, the couple moved to Tempe, where Benjamin began a long career with The Arizona Republic and Barb with Motorola. They have both since retired and have lived in Payson for the past six years.

Barbara’s interests include music, dancing and travel. She is also an avid supporter of the Lupus Foundation, as she, herself, has the disease.

Barb says she enjoys all music, but particularly likes classic and new country, Motown and the blues. Her three favorite artists are George Strait, George Jones and Buddy Holly.

For being this past week’s music trivia winner, Barb won two tickets to last Saturday’s rodeo, compliments of the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Lastly, if you enjoy bowling and supporting a good cause, this Sunday Big Brothers Big Sisters will be holding its annual “Bowl for Kids’ Sake” fund-raiser at Rim Country Lanes. There are still openings for teams or you may come as an individual to bowl. The event will run all day long — so come and enjoy the day with BBBS and support a great program!

God bless!

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