There Has Always Been Medical Care Rationing



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just reported that life expectancy in the United States is less than at least 10 other developed countries. If we do in fact have the best health care in the world, why would this be?

It is my understanding that the U.S. pays 90 percent of the cost of all medical research in the world. We pay twice as much for our medical care as any other country in part to subsidize this effort. To me this is unfair.

Lastly, the conservatives say we will have rationing if the liberals have their way. The liberals deny the claim. The fact is we will always have rationing. The cost of medical care is astronomical. The only question is who gets to decide who pays how much to who and for what. The party that can win the debate will decide who wins and who loses. Make no mistake however, we will always have a lot of unmet needs.

Phon D Sutton


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