Fuzzy Math



Anyone that is now covered under Medicare, or will be turning 65 in the next 15 years, should be paying very close attention to this current legislation for health care reform.

Obama, last week in one of his many, many speeches, set forth his opinion that health care can most certainly be administered effectively by the federal government. He recited that we only needed to look as far as Medicare and Medicaid as shining examples of health coverage that everyone liked and was done at a very low cost.

Then, later in the speech, when addressing the question of how his “public option,” could be paid for ... he confidently stated that the first two-thirds of the cost would be made in savings of $500 billion by eliminating waste and fraud, from ... guess where? Yes ... Medicare and Medicaid.

And, all of this cost-cutting from Medicare, in the face of tens of millions of new baby boomers, who are just now moving into that system! Is this just “fuzzy math,” or is it the Big O Shuffle? It has to give you pause for thought, doesn’t it?

Larry J Kontz


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