Sick Of Promised Hope And Change



Do you believe in the Constitution and our Bill of Rights? Do you cherish your freedoms?

Do you know how unconstitutional TARP, bailouts, Cash for Clunkers, cap and tax, the funding for Acorn & SEIU, the invasion of our medical records without our permission is?

Do you know that seniors will have their Social Security benefits frozen or reduced, that their Medicare coverage will be more limited? One wonders if the ACLU will sue the government for neglect for the elderly that may be alone without the benefit of family or friends who are watching their country being taken apart from the inside out with potential health issues as an outcome of witnessing this?

Where are the senior groups like AARP who continue to sit on the fence? How about the czars who answer to no one but the White House and are bypassing congressional authority?

How about our veterans coming home from the battlefield injured so severely the government (VA) wants them to consider the cost of treatment and if their life is “viable” to justify the cost?

Do you know that a Gitmo detainee was released today and sent back to Afghanistan who already injured our troops in the field which is what got him to Gitmo in the first place?

Did you know that the “spider web” across America funded by the taxpayers for Acorn in the “form” of several hundred companies are appearing at town halls to silence We the People? Do you care that “blowing in your neighbor” for their First Amendment rights to the White House is turned around and funded by taxpayers to reply to your opposition to their “tactics”?

Did you know that Americorp is to be funded as well as our military and will be the “new” civil defense force? How about Gitmo detainees coming to the mainland to further corrupt our prison system to convert prisoners to the radical terrorist agenda?

Do you believe that the CIA is being “undermined” for all of their support to our military in the field and for “we the people” for our national security? You bet.

I for one am sick to death of those who say “who knew this would be the hope and change we voted for.” It was laid out very clearly if one was only to pay attention. The vast majority of media being pronounced “dead” in this country holds a good part of the responsibility for the state of affairs we find ourselves in.

Ruth Greco


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