Pine Strawberry Fire Board Chairman Should Resign



As a Vietnam veteran and someone who has served our country honorably in the United States Marine Corps fighting for our civil rights, liberties and freedom of speech, I find the recent action of the Pine Strawberry Fire Board chairman utterly despicable, to say the least.

After voicing my opinion concerning a recent action by the board in a letter to the editor, the fire board chairman, Mr. Dave Prechtel, contacted my employer regarding my editorial comments.

The board chairman is a community elected official representing the entire fire district of the community of Pine-Strawberry who must be held accountable for this appalling action. Many have fought and paid the ultimate price to have the right to voice his or her opinion in a public forum without fear of retaliation. This is an insult to all who have paid that price.

It is with strong conviction and belief the chairman of the Pine-Strawberry Fire District should without delay issue a public apology to all who have fought for these inalienable rights and resign his position immediately.

Mark L. Boys


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