Where Is The Trust?



Our state is in horrible financial condition. Social services have been cut, school budgets have been slashed, and rest areas have been closed. We need to not only reduce expenditures in Arizona, but we also need to increase revenue to meet the needs of a state with a growing population.

Instead of heeding the call for a 1 percent sales tax hike proposed by our Republican governor, the legislature, which is controlled totally by Republicans, not only won’t consider passing this idea, but they won’t even permit us (the taxpayers!) to vote on this proposal.

Where is the trust from the legislature to the people? I trust my fellow Arizona citizens to vote on important issues that affect all of us in all 15 of our counties. We showed our faith in our lawmakers by electing them to their positions, but any reciprocated trust seems to be sadly lacking.

Why won’t the legislature trust us to decide if we want to tax ourselves to help us out of this financial quagmire?

My response is that I will not trust very many incumbents to receive my vote for being retained in their positions come November of 2010.

Richard K. Meszar


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