No ‘Choice’ In Health Care



Well, Americans, the U.S. Senate passed a health care bill in the middle of the night by the narrowest vote. So here’s the monstrosity we get.

The bill creates a huge government-run health care system with 111 new agencies, departments and programs and 150,000 employees. It includes a “health choices commissioner.”

sioner.” However, we don’t get any “choice.” Your private insurance plan must be approved by the government, thereby, possibly allowing the “commissioner” to deny approval forcing you into the government system.

There are 1,671 citations where the bill gives unilateral authority to the secretary of health and human services to decide your level of care. No congressional approval is required. No appeal process exists.

The bill also mandates you carry insurance — including for your children. If you don’t, you will be fined up to $750 per year per family member not insured. Businesses who don’t offer insurance will also be fined $750 per employee. Both are designed to force people into the government’s health plan.

To help pay for the government plan there are three pages of line item:

New taxes on any kind of “medical device.” This includes hearing aids, eye glasses, tooth brushes, tampons, etc.

We all should also understand this debate is more than health care.

It’s also about tax and regulation and government control over our lives. If this bill becomes law, a government bureaucrat will determine what heath care you will get (or won’t get). We will lose our privacy and the control of whether we live or die.

This bill destroys the finest health care system on the planet. Call Senators Kyl and McCain and say no. Call Rep. Kirkpatrick and tell her she was wrong to support government health care.

Gary P. Morris


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