No Resignation Offered; Apology Unwarranted


No resignation offered; apology unwarranted


Mr. Boys, I too served our country with military service and even though I’m older, I do not believe we fought for the right to be hypocritical. First, you added your speculation as to our chief’s income and stated he was paid an “outrageously high salary.” Then, you wrote certain board members should “research the validity of this proposal” ie: adding a battalion chief.

So I followed your advice. I called your department to get public information about its manpower, structure, and salary ranges — nothing more.

A most helpful lady in administration said your fire department had 60 members — a chief, a district chief, four battalion chiefs, and 14 captains. She also mentioned that the department is working toward adding another district chief.

You had a problem with our chief’s “income over $100,000” and felt only more experienced people with BA degrees should be in that range. Our chief’s contract salary is $87,000 and he has 27 years experience. Interestingly enough, your chief’s range is $110,485 to $165,726 and according to your administrative assistant, she did not believe he had a BA degree.

The salary for a district chief tops out at $106,860. So should I write your newspaper? No, because this has nothing to do with the question. Just as your personal attacks toward our chief are not relative to the proposal at hand.

Your usage of “appalling action,” “fear of retaliation,” “paying the ultimate price,” etc. were too dramatically overstated as related to my actions. If you live in a glass firehouse, expect to see all views presented. That was what we both served this country for.

This issue will be on the agenda for the Dec. 14 meeting, which we have moved to the Pine Community Center to accommodate anyone who wishes to speak.

Dave Prechtel

Pine Strawberry Fire Board chairman


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