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Holiday Greetings!

As the song says, “We’re Still Standin’” here in Rim Country. Businesses have moved, evolved, re-invented themselves, been purchased, and some have left. It has been a “ ‘ell of a year.” I tell inquirers that “When Phoenix has a cold, Rim Country gets pneumonia.” Because of this connection, we begin to feel that our destinies are only tied to the “Valley,” and focus outside of our communities. We sometimes forget why we live here in Rim Country.

My family came to Rim Country to gain a share of independence, and not live in one of four models of a tract home. Likewise, we wanted (if possible) more control over our ability to better our community, by personal actions, such as volunteering and getting involved. We did not come to have a distant bureaucratic formula tell us what we could do with taxes and grants that keep our communities running. We want to have more “say” about our lives, and are willing to take the responsibilities needed to do it.

I was fortunate enough to be allowed to attend the Payson Citizen Leadership Academy, and have a great respect for Payson’s departments and their ability to provide the services we require — first responders and other departments. I would not want to lose their expertise. I support our school districts and their leadership, and suggest that all residents consider the consequences of a loss of control of our funds or disintegration of our educational system, due to our lack of responsibility for our own quality of life and the future of OUR Rim Country.

Please remember, also, to support the Payson Area Food Drive. Sharing a few cans or boxes of food can make a real difference in the lives of our fellow citizens- take the opportunity to be a part of this community-wide humanitarian effort.

One more please: take the time to read the article “Money Merry-Go-Round.” It is a survival strategy for those businesses that you want to keep in Rim Country. The owners, managers and employees of local businesses are our friends and neighbors. We’d like to keep it that way.


The Money Merry-Go-Round

If you take one hundred dollars and you spend it, how much of it will circulate around Rim Country before it gets back to the Federal Shredder?

If you spend it online, using an outside website, none — with no additional benefit to anyone in Rim Country. If you go outside our area, again, none would benefit our community. If you spend it in a national chain, the average is $43. If you spend it in a locally owned business, $68 will circulate in Rim Country.*

So, where does this money go that stays in Rim Country? It pays the wages of the employees of the business. It pays the local property taxes of the landlord. It purchases supplies from other businesses in Rim Country (toilet paper, accounting services, photocopying, etc.) and thus it pays that company’s employees’ wages, for that company’s supplies, and keeps money and business moving in Rim Country.

These statistics are from the “3/50 Project” — a program designed to try to get locals to help businesses survive in the current economic downturn.

The 3/50 Project’s basic idea is: each buyer (you) identify three businesses that, if they disappeared, would badly affect your life. In the next 3 months, spend $50 in each of them. It’s that simple. It means that we care about the people who have opened a business to provide you with goods and services that you like, but may not have thought about the effects of their disappearance.

Likewise, our local national chains also put money into our economy, and they pay taxes and buy gas, and go to the movies. They provide us with the capability to live here and not go outside the area for a majority of our needs.

Now, that urge to spend three hours (down and back) in a car driving to another location, at $2.50/gallon of gas, and facing the masses of people we came here to get away from, may find itself limited, and the savings you earn can be put into those businesses owned by your friends and neighbors, here in Rim Country.

*The 3/50 Project, Cinda Baxter - 2009

New members - November

Dutch Joe Ranch/ REB Properties, LLC

Owner: Richard E. Bunger

Phone: 480-921-9487

Mailing Address: 10575 N. 114th St. #107, Scottsdale, AZ 85259



Type of Business: Ranchers/Real Estate Development

Development of a housing area with multi acre parcels. Designed for the true outdoorsman with lakes, horseback riding, many trails for riding or hiking. Located in a forested area of Northern Arizona. We are developing the ranch to be self sufficient. We have all the needed utilities as well as the ability to fight fires. For more detailed information go to our website

United Bank Contractors

Owner: Frank Hannon Manager: Seer Stevens

Phone: 520-705-3399

Address: 205 S. Ponderosa, Payson, AZ 85541



Type of Business: Merchant Services

Full service, Merchant Service Company. We can guarantee the lowest processing rates in the business with outstanding 24/7 Customer Service, and Tech Support. Our product line is state of the art, ranging from a wide variety of Credit Card Processing Machines, Check processing, Gift Cards, Pre-paid, ATM’s and the Harbor Touch POS System. We offer free customized quotes, for your business needs. I won’t put you in something you don’t need. I can also insure that it’s not a question of if we can save you money; the only question is how much.

M&B’s Hot Dog LLC

Owner: Mark Scott Manager: Bobbie Scott

Phone: 928-951-4658

Location: Ace Hardware


Type of Business: Hot Dog & Sausage Vendor

Monday thru Friday from 11am to 4pm in front of Ace Hardware. We serve Hot Dogs, Jonhsonville Grilled Brats, Farmer John Cajun Sausage & Polish sausage with a variety of toppings included in the price. We also have various chips and drinks available. Our prices are very reasonable starting at $1.50. We will also be available to cater public and private events. Contact Mark at 928-951-4658.


Representatives: Eric Pederson and Carol Schmitz

Phone: 602-369-4073

Location: 922 S. Annie Lane, Gilbert AZ 85296



Type of Business: Supplemental Insurance

“I have used my Aflac Accident insurance policy several times. If it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have luck at all. My family and friends still don’t know why I am alive due to all accidents and injuries I have endured. Aflac has been there every time since I applied for the policy. There are even benefits that I didn’t know about. I don’t know what we would have done without the help from this policy. Our bills & rent were paid with the help of our Aflac benefits.”

Signed: Johnny Manns, Phoenix, AZ

Lewin & Associates, LLC

Owner: Susan A Lewin

Phone: 928-476-3486

Location: 5309 Canyon View, Pine, AZ 85544



Type of Business: Public Relations, Marketing, Community Outreach

We are a solution-focused consulting firm that specializes in helping clients to inform and engage the public with regard to their projects, programs and products, through traditional public relations, marketing, advertising methods as well as emerging technologies, such as Internet marketing and social media.

Finishing Touch Flowers and Gifts

Owner: Debbee McDonald

Phone: 474-8736

Location: 464 Detroit (East Verde Estates), Payson AZ 85541



Type of Business: Florist

Award winning floral designer in State competition and represented the State of Az. in national competition. One stop wedding shop providing fresh flowers, silk and dried, rental equipment, rental tuxedos and business suits. I will also assist the bride in all her planning and recommend local professionals for services I don’t provide. We also have a limousine service for transportation in the Payson area as well as transportation the airport in Phoenix.

Simon Medical Imaging

Owner: John Simon M.D.

Phone: 928-468-8234

Location: 117 E. Main Suite D100


Type of Business: Radiology Out Patient

SimonMed uses the latest technology not only to produce exceptional image quality but also to see beyond the anatomy. Digital Mammography, Digital X-Ray as well as many other digital procedures. Walk ins welcome. Come in to visit our well trained staff.


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