Public, Media Don’T Understand State Budget Issues


The Dec. 1 editorial (“Budget Crisis: More Excuses”) is a classic example of “killing the messenger.” As the particular messenger in question, I take exception to your ivory-tower aspersions on budget issues you know nothing about.

“Poor Sylvia”? Excuse me! Government programs have grown 35 percent while the economy has grown only by 12.

Liberal/socialist programs have slowed industry, so we don’t have the revenue once generated to pay for the needs of the state. When liberalism/socialism fails, it always falls on the backs of consumers to fill in the gaps. That is manifestly unjust. So, don’t give me “poor Sylvia.” It’s the people of Arizona who are paying the price for six years of overspending by liberals who think government should pay for everything.

“Excuses”? No one is making excuses. These are facts:

Fixing the budget is complicated.

There aren’t any easy answers.

Most people don’t understand the budget issues.

The news media doesn’t explain it well.

The federal government does have too many regulations that hamper reform.

Special interest groups do resist cuts to their pet programs.

And people who are now dependent on government programs will have to lose benefits.

Call it whatever you like — these are some of the reasons it has been difficult to fix the budget.

And, yes, it’s true that while the Republicans have spent thousands of hours in deep discussion from early morning to late at night trying to solve these immensely complex budget problems, the Democrats have sat on the sidelines heckling, stonewalling, and gloating.

I took the time and made the effort to go around my district not to make excuses, but to explain the consequences of growing government, increasing programs, and overspending — and the challenge that makes in balancing the budget. If you don’t like the message, well, neither do I. But the public deserves to know the facts.


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