Town Leaders Destroying Way Of Life In Payson



Through the years, many people have been attracted to Payson’s small town atmosphere and very beautiful mountain scenery.

Now it seems our leaders are looking at ways to destroy these things so compatible with small town living.

They have been talking about seven-story buildings and now a four-year college. Things like this will decrease overall property values. All these discussions are not about a small town that most people want.

In addition, there are those who want electric fences to protect their gardens from the wildlife. At a recent council meeting the mayor talked about high-voltage fences and how they could fry piglets, which he joked about. Isn’t this great? The animals are God’s creatures too and were here before any of us. They are also one of our attractions. Nothing should be allowed that will kill or injure them such as a powerful electric fence.

Our local government is giving into other considerations, which are not compatible with our small town, which is principally a retirement community.

Property values are high here and the town still thinks, and is trying to provide housing for workers that cannot afford to live here. Workers like this must live in the outlying areas like they do in so many towns across the country that are in the same situation. Wasting money and trying to change the character of the town will only make things worse for all the people.

If Payson doesn’t change its program, it will soon become the town that could’ve but wouldn’t.

Jack Jasper


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