Habitat For Humanity Is Big Help To Community



Habitat for Humanity is a big asset to the economy and the community. It provides affordable housing for Payson families and also provides prime living space for families at a price they can afford.

In the year 2006, 2.2 million subprime loans have already failed or will end in foreclosure. Also, children who have to live in bad housing, family clusters, or in the forest have increased risks of viral or bacterial infections and a greater chance of suffering mental health and behavioral problems.

And finally, housing strengthens communities whereas homeowners are more likely to know their government officials, school board members, and more likely to vote in local elections and work to solve local problems.

This year it is possible to use your state income tax for nonprofit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. We must file this request through whoever works on your income tax returns. This year we only have until the end of December to qualify for this benefit. The money used will help our community and stay in our community.

The problem of affordable housing is not going away. It will only get worse. Supporting Habitat for Humanity is one way to provide affordable housing and help our community at the same time.

Rick Hatch

Payson First Southern Baptist Church


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