Humane Society Building Damaged By Storm


The Humane Society of Central Arizona is struggling to patch together their already decrepit facility after Monday’s winter storm ripped through the property, leaving debris everywhere.

Wind gusts coiled back a metal corrugated roof that covered outside kennel areas like a can of tuna. Shingles were tossed everywhere throughout the property and two, swamp coolers were pulled from their bases and tossed across the roof like beach balls.

With the porch no longer there to protect them, several dogs sat outside their kennels exposed to the elements.

Lisa Boyle, who heads up animal care at the shelter, said the porch was attached to several poles, which were ripped from the bases.

While most of the dogs were safely inside during the storm, Boyle said, “I can only imagine how frightening it was for them.”

John Wakelin, who heads the society’s fund-raising efforts, discovered the damage at 6:30 a.m. when he came in to feed the dogs.

Wakelin told Boyle the dogs seemed relieved to see him. After giving them their breakfast, several laid down to sleep like they had a hard night.

Monday’s damage is the last thing the humane society needed. For years, Boyle and volunteers have campaigned to build a new facility that would replace the crowded, beat up house that now serves as the animal shelter on McLane Road.

“We have been saying we just need to make it through the winter, but this may be the winter we don’t make it,” Boyle said.

Workers with local contractor Mike Amon were on site Wednesday patching gaping holes where the coolers were pulled off. Workers told Boyle the whole roof needed to be re-shingled not just patched.

“We are repairing it enough to get us through the next storm,” she said. “If you look, the eaves are already damaged and broken. See, the wood is brittle — this building is not safe.”

Although the humane society has no hope of building a new shelter this winter, they hope to have it built soon.

“Mother Nature is telling us this is our last chance, we’ve got to get a new home,” Boyle said.


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