Shelter Endures Mother Nature’S Fury



Koi’s foster “Dad” gives him a glowing recommendation. He says Koi has lots of energy and thrives on love and attention.


Koi’s foster “Dad” gives him a glowing recommendation. He says Koi has lots of energy and thrives on love and attention.







Mother Nature came to visit late Monday night and when she left, she took part of our building with her. We’ve heard the winds blew somewhere between 70 and 90 miles per hour, and we believe it. Some of the tin from our roof was found as far as the field across the road east of us. And she picked up our swamp coolers and tossed them like dice.

Needless to say, the breakers were blown, there were gaping holes in the roof, and the animals were frightened. But all in all, we were very lucky. No one was injured or left out in the cold. The silver lining around this dark cloud of a tale is the wonderful people of this community who began to show up to offer their help as soon as they had heard about it on the radio.

There were men offering carpentry skills, roofing skills and even two ladies who baked goodies just to make us feel better. And, yes, all of them made us feel better. The thought of going into another winter in this little worn out old facility is very frightening, but we have faith that we will make it — after all, we are the “Little Shelter that Could.”

So, ready or not, winter is here. We are bundled up, our animals are bundled up and we’re ready for the task of housing, loving and caring for the lost and abandoned animals of Rim Country.

We would like to invite you to come and meet us and the animals who currently call HSCAZ home. This Saturday, Dec. 12, from 11a.m. to 4p.m. we will be having our “Home for the Holidays” celebration. There will be tours and snacks for anyone who attends, and hopefully a home for every animal here.

There is also a boutique and bake sale in our honor at 1501 W. Mesa Drive and, of course, the HSCAZ Thrift Store at 404 W. Main St., will be open for your Christmas shopping needs.

For more information on our beautiful animals or any of our upcoming events, give us a call at (928) 474-5590 or look us up on the web at


Hi! I’m Koi’s foster “Dad.” I am temporarily taking care of Koi until he can be adopted. Although the volunteers at the Humane Society are wonderful, it is very difficult for dogs to remain there for long periods.  In his foster home, he is doing wonderfully. He has gained weight, and is very happy.

Koi thrives on love and attention. Without it, he is lost. He is a young dog, not more than two years old, and has lots and lots of energy! He loves to go out for a run as often as possible, and especially likes going trail hiking. Of course, ball-chasing is a never-ending source of enjoyment for him. 

I have been working on leash training and basic commands with him. He is learning rapidly, but it takes patience because he has so much energy. But he is very eager to please and just wants to have fun! 

Koi would be an excellent dog for a younger family with a large backyard, or a single person who wants a good companion.  He is also an excellent watchdog. I take him with me when I work out in the country, and he loves to run around, but doesn’t go far. Especially if you keep a few doggie treats in your pocket.  

Please come see Koi. He would be an excellent addition to your family.


Shyla is a 1-year-old Shepherd mix. She was originally part of an unwanted litter that was brought to us in February from the reservation. She has always been a little shy and kept to herself, but she has never been given the time or attention that she needs to feel comfortable and secure enough to open up and start to blossom. She does enjoy affection, and graciously wags her tail when you stop by her kennel to say ‘hi.’ Shyla is a sweet girl who needs the right home and the right people to come along and take her in and help bring out all the wonderful qualities she has. She is spayed and current on her vaccinations. She gets along with other dogs and does well with children.


Margo is an adorable 1-year-old Border Collie mix. She was picked up by Animal Control on Nov. 27 from Drowsey Circle. She appeared to be a little shy at first, but by the second day she was wagging her tail and graciously accepting any attention she got from staff. She has been spayed and is up to date on her vaccinations. She walks well on a leash and rides well in a car. She gets along just fine with other dogs and cats, and is a sweetheart around children. Margo is very intelligent and outgoing. She has the ability to learn many things, including agility, walking off leash, basic commands and so on. She is eager to give her love to someone who will give it back to her in return.


Tyson is a 10-month-old Lab mix. He was turned over by his owner on Nov. 12 because he simply did not have the time to spend with him or to take care of him. Tyson has been around children of all ages and does very well with them all. He is good with dogs and loves to play. He knows basic commands such as sit, stay and lay down. He also loves to play fetch! He enjoys long walks and car rides, and acts like a perfect gentleman while doing these things. He can jump small fences, so he will need to go to a home that has a tall fence and a secure yard. Tyson is a delightful young man with a tender heart, the cutest docked tail and a charming personality to match.


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