Draft Board Members Sought For Gila County Positions


The Gila County draft board is seeking volunteers for board positions.

Major Paul Babeu of the United States Army National Guard says Gila County is in need of some community-oriented volunteers who understand commitment, and can attend possible weekly meetings.

Volunteers will undergo initial training. Travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Selected applicants will first be nominated by the governor, and ultimately be appointed by the president of the United States.

The appointment is for a 20-year term, or until the member resigns. Judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, and retired military cannot serve as board members.

Interested applicants should contact Major Babeu via e-mail at paul.babeu@us.army.mil.

Babeu is a region 2 Reserve Force Officer for the United States Selective Services System. He is one of two officers charged with recruiting civilian board members.

Although the military draft is not in effect in our nation today, it is still considered America’s third tier of defense, following Active Duty and Reserve/NG.

If America were ever to go to a war stretching or exhausting the first two tiers of defense, the draft would be activated.

The draft also serves a non-military purpose. In states of emergency, the Selective Services Board can draft medical personnel.

If such a situation should arise where the draft goes into affect, some of the traditional ways out have been sewed up.

Interested applicants should contact Major Babeu via e-mail at paul.babeu@us.army.mil.

For one, the U.S. has an agreement with Canada that all draft dodgers will be promptly returned to America. As for college students, they will receive a deferment for one semester, and then be required to serve.


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